Quality policy

Every year thousands of vehicles are disassembled. Many are in very good condition or almost new. Jonind AB have developed a smart way of providing used original parts with controlled quality, functionality and traceability for each part.

Well qualified employees have the necessary knowledge and skills following latest technologies, methods and systems that are being developed to ensure the quality of goods and services.

Jonind AB determine and disassemble spare parts to the right specified quality. By documenting and registering the business, we have good control of our goods and services.

Environmental policy

Jonind AB work for the environment sustainability. Used car parts mean that fewer new car parts must be manufactured and thus we save on the environment.

Following applicable laws, regulations and agreements in cooperation with the relevant authorities Jonind AB strive to reduce environmental impact. By carrying out our work we want to ensure proper environmental treatment, transportation of cars, goods and waste.

Jonind AB want to increase the re-use of spare parts with specified quality by disassembling in an environmentally safe way so that waste is disposed of, parts can be re-used and materials recycled.